Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

The Fours teach us how each suit rests. Keywords: Rest, stagnation, waiting, slipping.

Card meaning

The story of the Four of Cups is one of stagnation and blindness. After the outpouring of emotion from the three, when our life is full of love, we often start to question why we aren’t given more.

Take a look at the imagery of this card. The universe is offering a cup to the figure under the tree, but still, he is unhappy.

When the Four of Cups appears, it is often because we are apathetic to the gifts of the universe, or are blind to the love we have in our life. After moments of excess, or if we’ve been surrounded by love for a long time, we often begin to dangerously take that emotion for granted. The second we do that, we are at risk of losing it all.

Often, this occurs because we haven’t faced opposing forces or duality for a long period of time: We don’t remember what it is like to be alone, or we begin to crave solitude, because we’ve been loved for so long. If you see this card and think that there isn’t any love in your life, think again! You’ve fallen into this state and need a wake-up call. You will miss opportunities if you are too concerned with what you want to see, what you have right in front of you, or what is being given to you because it doesn’t exactly align with your focus.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more in life, but if you find yourself disappointed and this card comes up in a reading, you need to take a good look at what you have, and work toward an attitude of gratitude.