Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

How would someone navigate the story and elemental archetypes in their early adulthood?

Card meaning

The story of the Knight of Cups is now growing in maturity. The emotional, moody teenager has reached young adulthood. And what would a dashing young romantic do at this age? Use his intuition and emotions in the pursuit of romance, of course.

The Knight of Cups moves slowly and deliberately on his quest. The messages he brings are often those that took some time to arrive, like proposals of marriage. He is seductive because he knows how not to push things too fast, and has learned to read the emotional needs of others, which he almost always uses to get what he wants.

And therein lies his downfall, for while he is filled with passion, he can easily become codependent. Because his emotions rule his life, he is also prone to jealousy.

When the Knight of Cups appears in a reading, expect these traits to show up as a person in your life, an event that triggers these feelings, or as pieces of yourself that need closer examination. If you are getting too idealistic in your dreams, the Knight of Cups will show up to warn you that your dreams will be threatened by obsession. When you are living too realistically, he will appear to show you the passion you are missing out on. The major knowledge that the Knight has over the Page is that he has learned to control his intuition and emotions, and not let them control him. You’d be wise to learn this as well.