Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

The Nine is the completion of the lesson, how we ultimately overcome. Keywords: Proud, illusion, worry, persistence, success, kindness.

Card meaning

After so many challenges and decisions we have had to make throughout this emotional journey, we finally begin to balance out with the Nine of Cups. The story of the nine is one of the most positive in the suit, and speaks of satisfaction and success.

The fact is, when we are most happy in our lives, the Nine of Cups is an excellent representation of this state. Human beings never stop wanting more, and as soon as we succeed we begin to plot a course to further greatness.

The figure on this card is well accomplished, but still shy one cup to the coveted and even ten. Nevertheless, he has enough to feel that joy and happiness are within his grasp. The only warning in this card is to remember that pleasure without regard to consequences is rapidly lost.

When this card appears, take a moment to appreciate the joy and happiness around you, for this is the key to contentment and the last hurdle to overcome to become complete. On a physical level, you are sure to experience joy and pleasure, happiness and contentment. On a spiritual level, use these emotions to internalize your alignment with the Universe, travel back to the source of light within you, and continue in its blissful flow.