Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

How would someone navigate the story and elemental archetypes in their teens?

Card meaning

The story of the Page of Cups is one of a young teenager who is very in touch with his emotions. He is quick to share how he feels, and in his youth hasn’t yet been taught to conceal his wild imagination. He is childlike, an excellent listener, and people often come to him for his imaginative advice.

But just like a teenager, he can be moody and sometimes unpredictable. His advice may be impractical to those who are emotionally immature, especially for someone who can’t filter the romantic nature of the Page of Cups.

When the Page of Cups shows up in a reading, it can be in reference to a person who is about to enter your life with these qualities, an event that can cause a surge of emotion, or as a quality in yourself you need to explore. The surfacing of this card often indicates a message, but beware or it may come across to you as exaggerated if you aren’t emotionally prepared for it. Just take a look at the symbol on the card of the boy taking advice from a fish. While the fish may have good pointers on how to swim, those pointers are best applied to other fish, not teenage boys. But still, if filtered correctly, the message or advice could be helpful.

This card has a special meaning if the Page of Wands is near. In this case, it can represent a fertile sexual relationship that is likely to result in children.