Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

How would these archetypes be applied by a grown adult, if the divine masculine was stripped away, leaving only the divine feminine?

Card meaning

The story of the Queen of Cups is one of powerful intuition that rivals that of The High Priestess, but she brings it down to a more accessible level. She is the divine feminine in fluid water form. Others use her as a mirror to see their deepest desires and to get in touch with their deepest emotions. She is psychic, whether she chooses to admit it or not, and she possesses extraordinary insight into the motivations of others. Because of these gifts, she makes an excellent artist, musician, counselor, or healer.

But her own cup is closed off to her, and therein lies the more negative aspect of the water element. The Queen is often blind to her own deep insights, unable to figure out a way to apply her truest depths to the real world. Because of this, she needs others to give her validation or help translate her instincts and intuitions to the world. If she is misunderstood, she can become closed off, withdrawn, depressed, or even go insane by retreating into her fantasy world.

I believe everyone is psychic and has a connection to the depths offered by the Queen of Cups, and as such there is a Queen of Cups in each of us. When she appears in a reading take it as a sign that your intuition should guide you, and that you have the energy close by to gain total emotional control. Just remember that while you see further with the depths of your heart, you must still watch your next step with your physical eyes. Moderation is best so your delusions of grandeur will not grow out of control.