Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

The Ten is the ultimate result of the Suite. Keywords: completion (sometimes not always positive), inheritance, bondage, getting what you deserve.

Card meaning

The story of the Ten of Cups is one of such perfect alignment and success that it has the potential to be scoffed at by those who think it to be too idealist.

If there were a card that would symbolize the perfect family living in the house with the white-picket fence, this would be it. It is rare that we find ourselves in perfect alignment and harmony with our emotions and the Universe, and some may even say this is an unreachable goal, but such a feat is possible.

When the Ten of Cups appears in your reading you can expect lasting contentment. An emotional story in your life has reached its end, and you deserve the harmony you have earned, both inside and out. You understand not to take your journey for granted (like the Four), and won’t let it stagnate (like the Eight), because your past experience has led you to this place of beauty. Assuming you’ve mastered those lessons, you won’t have to go back to learn them again, and no one can take that rainbow out of your sky.

Finally, the Ten of Cups is a reminder that love is the greatest power of all, and that through it we can glimpse into heaven.