Story: The Emotional
Element: Water

The Threes are our first lesson about how our choices affects others. Keywords: Accomplishment. Togetherness. Community. Sharing.

Card meaning

The story of the Three of Cups is one that expands beyond the duality of the two, into a celebration of success among a community or group. When one has found their tribe, all of the good emotions are always better together, while the sad ones are a little less impactful.

We are stronger, more abundant, more productive, and work better in groups of like-minded individuals. It’s important to remember, however, that we are all one, and we must not draw circles around our groups in order to exclude others, because the worst emotion is one of exclusion. While a group can get crowded, the Three of Cups reminds us to open ourselves up to diversity, connect deeply, lift each other up, and share our abundance.

Romantically, the Three of Cups can symbolize a polyamorous relationship, or sometimes an affair, but most often refers to celebrations like weddings. The Three of Cups also invites us to the realization that we all have an abundant life in our own way. If you are seeking for abundance and community when this card appears, it’s a reminder that perspective is important, because you already have a community and the abundance you seek, or it is within your power to create them.