The Fool’s Journey

The Fool wakes after a restless night, his night down the river taking him to a serene pool. The Sun is rising, bright and beautiful, above a garden filled with sunflowers. A small boy rides a white pony along the shore of the pool.

When the boy notices The Fool, he jumps off his horse and takes The Fool’s hand. He starts playing with The Fool, pointing out the flowers, the bugs, and asking childlike, but profound questions, like, “Why is the sky blue?”

The Fool realizes that despite the brightness of the sun, the flowers in the garden are turning their faces toward the boy. This is the happiest The Fool has felt since he began his spiritual journey. Here, in the presence of this child, The Fool feels how little is required to be genuinely happy.

“Who are you?” The Fool asks the child.

The child grins, his smile making his face grow brighter and brighter until it exceeds the brightness of the sun. “I’m you!” He laughs.

And The Fool realizes that this sun, this garden, and the child are all part of him, created by him, and exist within him. He has just met his own inner light.


Card Meaning

The story of The Sun is one of joy, happiness, stability, the birth of a child, victory and success, or any other positive outcome—but above all it is a story of completion. Once again, we are greeted by the white and red symbolism of purity and desire. The war between the two is finished, and desire can be waved as a triumphant flag upon purity’s steady back.

Throughout all of history, The Sun has represented the source of light and life. Almost every polytheistic faith has a sun god who brings clarity after the long night of the soul. The Sun is a symbol of steadfastness, reliability, and power. When it appears in a reading you can be sure you are in an energetic vortex of success and wisdom. This is a time of celebration!

The Sun is also a reminder that even on a cloudy day, there is opportunity behind the clouds, a silver lining to the rough road traveled prior to this point. The only destructive nature of this card is in breaking down barriers, burning those clouds away so that it can have a chance to shine for you again, allowing you to see with total clarity. The promise of the sun is absolute.

If there are areas of your life where darkness still exists, The Sun will illuminate you. It invites you to seek wisdom in childlike awe and wonder (reminding me of one of the teachings of Jesus, that we should become childlike—the child depicted on the card holding a similar meaning as our inner child, inner voice, inner light), letting its power amaze you.

Now is a time of action. You shouldn’t just passively watch The Sun rise. When it appears, draw its power into you, and use it to break down every barrier that could stand in the way of your success.