Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Aces are the start of the respective stories. Each contains all the unfiltered and unfocused potential, both good and bad, of each story, plot point, and outcome.

Card Meaning

The story of the Ace of Pentacles is one of a solid foundation in the real world. It’s great to dream, to manifest, and to plan, but when the Ace shows up, it’s time to act.

The main symbol is the coin appearing out of thin air, so this card can also refer to windfalls or an unexpected thing of value coming into your life. This can refer to more than just money or jobs, but whatever it is has value to both the giver and the receiver.

Often, the physical world and the spiritual world don’t mix well, one being detrimental to the other, but the Ace of Pentacles can represent any kind of wealth, and there is a specific message that your way to spirit could be through financial stability, if you know the right path. This is the meaning behind the gate leading to the harsh mountains beyond.

Because of this union of physical and spiritual, the Ace of Pentacles can sometimes predict pregnancy.

Like all Aces, potential for both success and failure are represented. The Ace of Pentacles is just a firm foundation on which to build, but whether that building stands the test of time or crumbles into obscurity depends on how the next bricks are laid.

Although they never move very fast (success may be far away), it’s almost guaranteed if you start now and maintain a realistic and grounded outlook.