Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Fives teach us what happens due to our “break” with the Four. Keywords: Loss. Fight. Tunnel Vision. Incorrect focus.

Card meaning

In the story of the Five of Pentacles, we revisit the battle between the physical and the spiritual. It can be a huge blow to your self-esteem when you have a financial crisis, especially in a world where financial gain is considered to be the pinnacle of success.

A material loss is often preceded by a loss of spirit, and often, in order to get back to a spiritual equilibrium (you could even say, to get yourself back into good spirits), addressing physical concerns takes precedence. Notice these two figures, so focused on their problems that they are missing their chance for help, walking right past a church, a haven of warmth and help. The figures may be dismissing the church because of its spiritual representation. The Ace told us that we could lose sight of spirituality on our quest for material wealth, and the Five of Pentacles is the manifestation of this possibility.

When the Five of Pentacles shows up in a reading, it may be because you have experienced a physical loss. But it could also represent a spiritual downturn. Not seeking outside help (wanting to achieve on your own), or continuing to pursue material wealth may result in some success in the long run, but it’s a prideful decision that will ensure a much longer path. Turning your attention to the spiritual is the quicker path to recovery. Soften your focus, and look for help much closer than you expect. Stop worrying, and start doing!