Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Fours teach us how each suit rests. Keywords: Rest, stagnation, waiting, slipping.

Card meaning

The story of the Four of Pentacles is one of the most powerful lessons humanity struggles with when it comes to accepting change. The Pentacles suit, in general, favors structure and balance, so why wouldn’t we want to keep that balance once we achieve it?

Yet, we find that the more we resist change, the more change affects us. The harder we try to hold onto wealth, the easier it slips through our fingertips. Isn’t it interesting that a fear of losing wealth also prevents us from making the choices that could make us wealthier?

When the Four of Pentacles appears in a reading, someone is afraid of loss and the result is hording that will result in that loss. Often, this card depicts four pentacles, two of which are firm under the figure’s feet. One is under decent control in his arm, while the final is completely forgotten. Ask which area of your life is outside of your vision (emotion, intellect, ambition, or physical reality)? Finding this balance will be key to not falling further out of balance, or being tumbled over by change.

Wealth, in this example, never does well sitting still. You are either gaining value, or losing it. Greed and selfishness may be the result of trying to hang onto your wealth too tightly, and this makes it impossible to help others. Letting go may cost you some actual money, but the happiness and comfort that you gain by no longer stressing is well worth the loss.

If this card specifically refers to the past, it’s an indication that you think your past was better than your present or your future. The comparison is like holding onto your wealth. More than anything, the Four of Pentacles is a lesson in letting go, because you are better off without whatever you’re holding onto.