Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

How would these archetypes be applied by a grown adult, if the divine feminine was stripped away, leaving only the divine masculine?

Card meaning

The story of the King of Pentacles has been echoed throughout time as the story of King Midas, for everything he touches turns to gold. The King of Pentacles has gone beyond success to operating in a mode where the law of attraction just delivers it. He can see no other mode of operation, and it has turned him into a workaholic.

As a ruler, he can sometimes be overbearing, controlling, and unimaginative, because his way always brings him the success he desires, so he isn’t looking for input from others on how he should change. He is interested in all types of success, but has already learned to trust his vision.

The King of Pentacles also has an upstanding character and his word is as good as gold. But that doesn’t mean he’s merciful to those who betray his trust. He is a businessman, and values profit above all, although not because he needs more money. Instead, he values trust and security.

Just like all court cards, the King of Pentacles can represent a person, an event, energy, or qualities you need to investigate within yourself. When he comes up in a reading, it would make no sense to veer from your path. You already have the vision and talent to get you where you need to go, and the confidence to succeed.