Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Nine is the completion of the lesson, how we ultimately overcome. Keywords: Proud, illusion, worry, persistence, success, kindness.

Card meaning

The dualistic nature of the Pentacles suit, the physical and the spiritual, begin to unite under the beginning-of-the end story depicted in the Nine of Pentacles. A lifetime of work and refinement has brought us to this point, where we are satisfied not only in the physical world, but have grown wise supported by the spiritual side as well.

The woman symbolized in this card has no issues with self-worth. She also doesn’t suffer from lack of recognition, because she knows that the greatest source of her self-esteem doesn’t come from others, but from within. She is dressed in fine silk, owns rare birds, and lives in a manicured garden where she grows her own grapes and makes her own wine, not to flaunt herself, but because these are things she enjoys. She is self-assured and talented, and because of that she has arrived at a point in her life where she can afford herself a life of luxury. Sometimes this comfort may come from a windfall or inheritance, but most often it is earned after the choices made in the Seven, and the hard work of the Eight.

A certain degree of self-discipline is indicated in this card, for without it one cannot maintain such levels of decadence. Once this kind of discipline is earned, it is yours forever. When this card appears in a reading you have earned it all, and no one can take it away from you except yourself.