Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

How would these archetypes be applied by a grown adult, if the divine masculine was stripped away, leaving only the divine feminine?

Card meaning

Just as the Queen of Cups brings the energy of The High Priestess down to an accessible level, the story of the Queen of Pentacles relates to that of The Empress. While childless herself (because she has spent her life focused on other pursuits), she is no less motherly than any other woman—a divine gift of her femininity. This card often has a depiction of a bridge, because she has found balance between the physical and spiritual world that the suit promises. This is her story.

When the Queen of Pentacles shows up in a reading she does so with a generous and nurturing energy. Use that energy to help others, as this is the key to bridging the spiritual and the physical world. Her motherly energy is devoted to the care of others and to herself. Your heart is always in the right place in the presence of this card. Your confidence and knowledge come from years of experience, and should not be doubted.

The Queen of Pentacles also represents the power of sacrifice. Just as she has sacrificed children for her career, you may be called on to give up something in return if you have an obsession with security.

On a personal note, I have found this card will often show up in its shadowed perspective in reference to any event that results in a loss of motherhood, including the loss of a child, an abortion, or the inability to have children. Even in these cases where a woman may feel robbed of her motherly divinity, the beauty of this card still remains: “motherhood” and “nurturing” are still your divine right, even if they don’t come in traditional forms.