Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Sevens are the result of getting a bit overambitious. They are the major obstacle of the entire story and tend to be quite negative. Keywords: Negativity, loss, theft, wanting, desire, danger.

Card meaning

The story of the Seven of Pentacles is all about the material investments we make in the world, and the balance between being happy with what we have, and choosing to make a change in an attempt to get more.

Change in the Pentacles suit is risky, but what is one to do when their investments pay off or their project is complete? Is enough, enough? Can we be happy with what we have, or do we now take on more risk in order to try to grow our material world even more?

When the Seven of Pentacles appears, you can expect some reward to come your way, whether that’s in your job or some other material investment. However, don’t be surprised when we are dissatisfied with the reward. After all, is anyone ever satisfied by the amount of their raise or the rate of return on their bank account?

The Seven of Pentacles is a card full of what could be. If we are willing to take on more risk for a higher reward, it is time to make a change and follow our vision. We may need to learn a new skill or take a new job so that we don’t make bad investments or continue being unhappy with the pay for the work we render.

The dualistic nature of this card supports both visions. We may choose to stay where we are and not jeopardize our current success. If this is what we choose we should take a moment to look back and analyze how we can work harder, do better, or revisit our projects knowing that we can make them more perfect. If you just can’t see this working out for yourself, then it’s time to move on and seek the chance to do better elsewhere instead.