Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

We overcome the hardship in the Five by the lesson taught by the Sixes. Keywords: Remembering, movement, sharing.

Card meaning

In the material world of the Pentacles, we must have made the right choice with the Five, because after we’ve been helped, we’ve found enough success to be in a position to give back. This is the story of the Six of Pentacles

When the Six appears in your reading, it represents generosity in all its forms. It’s a realization that physical wealth and spiritual wealth are not so different after all. Sometimes, you may find yourself in the position to give, and sometimes you will find yourself needing assistance, but both are equally grateful.

The scale is a representation of the knowledge that we are all beggars and givers in life. When we are in the position to be generous, it’s important to understand how much you can give, so that you don’t deplete yourself and end up the beggar once again. Giving to the point of ruin is not the only risk found in generosity—you also need to be careful to not allow others to become dependent on you, or if you find yourself playing the beggar, becoming dependent on someone else.

Finally, the Six of Pentacles is an indication that there are people near you who are ready and able to help, especially if what you need is a spiritual boost. Look for a teacher or mentor to enter your life, ready and willing to give you exactly what you need.