Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Ten is the ultimate result of the Suite. Keywords: completion (sometimes not always positive), inheritance, bondage, getting what you deserve.

Card meaning

The final lesson in the Pentacles suit helps us learn what to do with wealth once we have it. We’ve probably all considered how we’d spend a large sum of money, but with the material success represented in the Pentacles suit, there is no end to the stream of wealth we can achieve. So what do we do with it all?

It is possible that we continuously squander it, forgetting the lessons of the suit. But so long as we actually make choices (for indecision can lead to loss), we can rest assured that the fortune is ours.

The gate on this card shows a couple passing beyond the realm of the physical onto the next stage of understanding and wealth—that of the spiritual. Sometimes, this can actually mean the passing of someone we know in our lives who will leave us an inheritance… because that is the biggest key in this card as to what to do with our money when we have more than we could ever spend—we should share the wealth.

The legacy we leave in this world is a topic that is very human and very appropriate to discuss in the material energy of the Ten of Pentacles, and what better way to leave our mark on the world than with an inheritance to our own family lines.

When this card appears, your physical work is complete, and you may now enjoy retirement.