Story: The Physical
Element: Earth

The Twos are the first step in the journey. They are about decisions and focusing the energy of the Aces. Keywords: Duality. Choices.

Card meaning

While all of the Two’s have a strong show of duality, perhaps none is as strong as the story of the Two of Pentacles. In this card, a juggler must strike a balance between balance and change, in motion but always under his control.

When the Two of Pentacles appears, you are living life at the edge of chaos, with multiple jobs and multiple financial decisions. Things may be manageable for now, but what would happen if someone tried to demand yet another ball of our juggler? He would become disorganized and things could quickly become overwhelming.

Too much change too quickly and your balance would be lost. Too little and your life stagnates. Just like the roller coaster waves on the back of the card, the energy of the Two of Pentacles is one of someone who seeks excitement.

Adding more projects now is a bad idea, as you already have too many under way. If you can’t choose, you need to cut back, or at a minimum finish what you already have in progress before attempting to add any more. Otherwise, you may find yourself losing your stride.