Story: The Intellect
Element: Air

The Eight is how we first try to overcome the obstacle of the Seven, or the result when we do… if we’ve learned our lesson, that is. Keywords: Experience, Leaving, Learning, Stuck, Quick – yes, this one has some contradictions, doesn’t it? Why do you think that is?

Card meaning

The story of the Eight of Swords showcases what happens when the power of the intellect is abused, and that army catches up to you. It turns against you. The mental games we play with ourselves shows an imbalance in our lives, and as we progress deeper into the story of the intellect and place more emphasis on the story of the mind, we find ourselves talking ourselves in circles, unable to move out of fear.

When this card appears, mental clarity has turned to blindness, and we have become lost in the maze of our own mind, afraid to move out of the paralyzing fear we have trapped ourselves in

Take a look at the figure. The swords surround her and any direction she goes could be her last step. No one can help free yourself from the trap of your own doing—you must free yourself.

Pain is often required to get out of this situation, but the tools you need are exactly those you are afraid of. Take a look again at the card, from the perspective that the swords, while threatening, could also be the source of salvation. Is it likely the figure would cut herself while using one of the swords to free herself from the ropes? That’s almost guaranteed. But a little pain and a few injuries are the price she must pay to cut out her fear and reason to stay trapped. Such is the nature of a sword.