Story: The Intellect
Element: Air

How would these archetypes be applied by a grown adult, if the divine feminine was stripped away, leaving only the divine masculine?

Card meaning

The story of the King of Swords is one of great ethical judgment. Where the Queen of Swords is seen as cold-hearted, the King of Swords doesn’t cut off his emotions, but instead keeps them in control and employs them when they have the power to make a situation better. His story parallels that of an ethical lawyer or administrator

When the King of Swords appears in a reading, you can expect his energy to arrive as a person who enters your life, or even as part of yourself that you must bring to the surface. Problems that seemed impossible will be seen in a different light. Viewing a situation through an impartial lens brings us insight that is often clouded by our emotions. The clarity you gain in his presence will be so commanding that it will not go unnoticed. Then, choosing which emotions to feel or deploy after we’ve understood all sides can build trust and help us make the right decision. The King often does things not because he cares about an individual’s wellbeing or out of empathy, but because he knows his decisions are best for the larger group. He leads not because he wants to, but because he can. He knows no one else can do it better.

The King of Swords is not a passive leader, and will draw first blood when necessary. This is especially true when someone violates his ethics, and when this happens he is quick in his retribution. Because he is always right, he has a hard time delegating his responsibly. Those with different (and wrong!) ethics will find him to be a tyrant, but will find themselves manipulated to his side, or face his sword.