Story: The Intellect
Element: Air

How would someone navigate the story and elemental archetypes in their teens?

Card meaning

The story of the Page of Swords is that of a highly intelligent teenager. Smart and sophisticated, he hasn’t totally abandoned his emotions like some of the older cards in the suit, but he has learned how to speak about them in an eloquent manner. He is a master of camouflage when he needs to be, but often chooses, instead, to speak directly, often cutting to the heart of a matter as he sees it.

Like all Pages, his advice is best applied when he is speaking to someone in like circumstances, otherwise it may be hasty or harsh. Additionally, the Page of Swords loves a mental challenge. Because of this, his personality is often subject to spying and manipulation, even if he doesn’t purposely mean to be deceptive.

When this card appears in a reading, keep a watchful eye. Someone may be spying on you, or you may be spying on another, even if it isn’t with malicious intent. The mental clarity and observance of emotion the energy of this card represents can help you see through manipulations or advice you are being given with ulterior motives. Of course, if it is a representation of you and your current energy, you will have to decide whether to use your powers to solve your own problems, or manipulate others into solving them for you.

Be aware of the damage you can cause, even if you think you are innocent. Avoid purposeful deception, but you may need to hide the full truth.