Story: The Intellect
Element: Air

The Ten is the ultimate result of the Suite. Keywords: completion (sometimes not always positive), inheritance, bondage, getting what you deserve.

Card meaning

There is a proverb that says that all who take up a sword will die by the sword. The story of the Ten of Swords is the manifestation of this proverb

One of the most striking, terrifying, and grotesque cards of the Tarot, the Ten of Swords represents what happens when pain becomes unbearable.

When the Ten of Swords shows up in a reading, it can represent illness and death. Sometimes, this is an expected end due to some drawn out circumstance, and sometimes it’s sudden. Perhaps the only positive perspective we can gain by this card is that it symbolizes the end of pain, the annihilation of the mind and all its entrapments.

Most often, the Ten of Swords is a warning that we are on the wrong path and must take a drastic change of course. We must learn from our mistakes, or suffer the consequence of wielding such a powerful weapon.