Story: The Intellect
Element: Air

The Twos are the first step in the journey. They are about decisions and focusing the energy of the Aces. Keywords: Duality. Choices.

Card meaning

The story of duality in the Two of Swords is one of stagnation and stalemate. When you have two equally opposing forces, they sometimes have to be kept in balance.

Making a decision will likely lead to some loss and pain. Looking at the imagery of the card, you can see that if the swords lose balance, the subject is likely to get injured.

When making decisions solely on intellect, it isn’t surprising that the heart suffers and we find ourselves building walls. The solution to the balance of the Two of Swords is likely one that will require you to protect yourself, to the detriment of your heart. If you want to open up your emotions here, prepare to make some sacrifices. You are likely to get hurt.

The image of the water and the moon are a nod to intuition here, being kept at bay by the airy sword energy. Your choice is between intellect and intuition. You must choose one to the detriment of the other, or not choose at all.