Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

The Aces are the start of the respective stories. Each contains all the unfiltered and unfocused potential, both good and bad, of each story, plot point, and outcome.

Card meaning

The story of the Ace of Wands is echoed by the story of the fire the suit rules over. It is a spark of creative energy and ambition, the start to a powerful driving force that lights the torch needed to guide you to success. How quickly and how hot that fire burns are not indicated by the Ace, and just like any fire, it can be a difficult force to control.

The ultimate pinnacle of human creation is the ability to create life, so the Ace of Wands can predict pregnancy and sexuality. As a powerful innate drive common to humanity, it is a card of sex (especially male sexuality, as the phallic nature of the imagery may suggest)

If you are considering a new project, the Ace is a good sign that you have the desire and ambition to succeed. The Ace won’t indicate your final outcome, but is the torch you must carry to light your path. It is a card of action, and as long as you are willing to deal with some unpredictability, you should begin your desires immediately.

The entire wands suit also deals with healing and vitality. When the Ace appears, expect your journey toward health to be simpler than expected. Old illnesses cannot remain in the light of this card. Use the boost of power you are receiving to follow your desires. Even if you are fearful, now is the time to act anyway.