Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

The Eight is how we first try to overcome the obstacle of the Seven, or the result when we do… if we’ve learned our lesson, that is. Keywords: Experience, Leaving, Learning, Stuck, Quick – yes, this one has some contradictions, doesn’t it? Why do you think that is?

Card meaning

The story of the Eight of Wands is one of swift and decisive action. It is the result of a long awaited plan, an opportunity to not be missed.

When this card appears, now is the time to jump and put your plans into action. Swiftness, however, doesn’t mean that you are acting out of haste or forced impetuousness, for hasty decisions, those not based on a previous plan, will be disastrous.

Someone who is also quick to gratitude will gain favor with the fast moving fire of this card. If you are ungrateful in the presence of this card, your plans still have a chance to fail, and you may miss the opportunity to ride its energy into success.

Sometimes this card can also represent Cupid’s arrows. We often plan for love, but it strikes out of thin air. If your reading is about a relationship and the Eight of Wands appears, prepare for an unexpected romantic opportunity to show up. Recognize it—for you have prepared for it—or the opportunity will quickly pass you by.