Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

The Fours teach us how each suit rests. Keywords: Rest, stagnation, waiting, slipping.

Card meaning

The story of the Four of Wands is one of celebration and success. It can represent marriage or childbirth, and the momentary satisfaction and pause those sorts of events create when hard work has borne fruit.

If you think you’ve seen this castle before, you’d be right, because the castle is built out of the mountain first visible in the Ace. This may seem like the end of the journey, but remember that the Wands suit is the suit of fire, and fire will always seek to consume new territory.

So it is with the Four of Wands, and as such it comes with a warning. Allowing our ambition to wane just because the application of it has led to some success, can lead to stagnation or gluttony. The temptation of the four is to get lazy, but doing so now would be a terrible waste of your inner fire. If this card refers to the past in your reading, it could be an indication that you are stuck in the past.

The truly ambitious do, in fact, enjoy the celebrations that resulted from their success, but they do so with an eye on the clock, so that they never get tempted to extinguish the fire that desires most to expand.

When this card shows up in a reading, it’s an indication that you are at the end of one cycle. When you are finished celebrating, make sure to start the next.