Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

How would these archetypes be applied by a grown adult, if the divine feminine was stripped away, leaving only the divine masculine?

Card meaning

The fiery Masculine finally meets with the fiery wand suit to culminate under the ultimate leadership of the King of Wands. While missing the feminine ability to create, the story of the King of Wands is one of natural leadership. He doesn’t need to birth new ideas on his own, or be creative. His talents lie in the ability to implement the ideas of others, and manipulate them to his own vision.

He also knows he doesn’t have to do much work to implement these ideas if he can find others to delegate to who understands his vision. This is one of his greatest talents and lessons, because we all think no one succeeds in executing our vision more than ourselves, but this isn’t the case if we respect, trust, and have compassion for the people around us.

The faults of the King, just like the Queen, are based on his strengths. He has to always be right. He lacks restraint, because since he doesn’t do the work on his own he burns out the ambition of others. While he always tries to do the right thing, this can backfire when he tries to solve problems he wasn’t asked to solve. Not everyone understands the freedom in letting other people solve your problems for you, but the King of Wands is an expert in exactly that. While willing to deploy his army to help you as well, he may take learning opportunities from you that you aren’t willing to give up, making him a vigilante in your eyes.

When the King of Wands appears, it’s often a spiritual a call to solve problems as he would, by trusting others and challenging humanity to be better than it is. Defend others as vigilantly as you would defend yourself.