Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

How would someone navigate the story and elemental archetypes in their early adulthood?

Card meaning

The story of the Knight of Wands is the result of that spark of ambition as a teenager (from the Page), now growing into a fiery blaze being driven by the wind. The Knight of Wands needs to consume, always looking for his next conquest. Even in matters of the heart, he gets bored easily after saving the “damsel in distress” and feels his ambitious pull to the excitement of the next battle.

This doesn’t make him heartless. In fact, beneath that armor he is very generous. But those who wish to tame his lust and spontaneity will be disappointed. He just isn’t’ ready to settle down. Because of this, he can be quite the heartbreaker, and when he hears the call of the next person needing saving, those left behind may call him hasty or abrasive.

When the Knight of Wands enters your life he is there to solve a problem, but don’t expect him to stay once he does. He is the embodiment of the free spirited Page, often moving from place to place. As an actual person and not just energy in your life, you can recognize a Knight of Wands by their physical inability to sit still.

As energy within you, the Knight of Wands will be difficult to contain. He comes to the surface as an explosive energy, and containing your ability to fight will be almost impossible in his presence. Everything will feel hot and heightened when he is around: your confidence, your desires, your bravery, and your desire to take on the world. Tackle any challenges while he is present, just be careful not to get burned by his ever-consuming fire.