Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

The Nine is the completion of the lesson, how we ultimately overcome. Keywords: Proud, illusion, worry, persistence, success, kindness.

Card meaning

The story of the Nine of Wands is one of stamina in spite of impossible odds. While it is a card that symbolizes difficulty, strength to overcome is present if you look deeply enough inside yourself.

Crowley said that the Nine of Wands illustrates that “change is stability.” What he meant was that sometimes, the only way to solve a problem is to wait it out. Hold on and use your strong will to keep with it.

This is a card of active defense, however. If you are attacked, you may have to fight.

Sometimes we accidentally hold on too long, however. When the war is over, we no longer have to stand guard. If this card shows up in the shadowed perspective, it is time to let go.

When this card appears, it is the last ditch effort of whatever obstacle is coming your way, and that makes it the most dangerous. Offense is not the solution. Just remember that this final obstacle is nothing that you haven’t faced before, and your will and experience are sufficient to overcome it. Dig deep and give it everything you’ve got, and you will never again have to prove yourself or earn success.