Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

How would someone navigate the story and elemental archetypes in their teens?

Card meaning

An ambitious teenager is perhaps the most free-spirited of all children. Even without understanding the world, they seem fearless and ready to experience life. Wide-eyed and somewhat risky, the story of the Page of Wands is one that has the power to kindle our inner fire and prod us to do things we never thought we’d do.

The message he brings is one of activity, and is almost always good news. When paired with the Page of Cups, this message includes the birth of children. Often, the spark that rekindles your energy comes from another person coming into your life, and that is the most common primary story of the Page of Wands—a person coming into your life who is a catalyst, stoking your inner fire.

When the Page of Wands appears in your reading, it is a call to be fearless by exposing your internal darkness and demons into your inner light and seeing them for what they truly are. Now is not the time to let them hold you back. Don’t get too overly ambitious, you need to do your shadow work, take some time to bask in the excitement you’ve found in this spark, and care for this fire (for your inner light is not a fast moving burning fire). Let it inspire freedom, vision, and creativity.