Story: Ambition
Element: Fire

We overcome the hardship in the Five by the lesson taught by the Sixes. Keywords: Remembering, movement, sharing.

Card meaning

The story of the Six of Wands is one of triumph. After all, the number six is a number of balance, and what could be more balanced in the Wands suit than that of victory and achievement.

When the Six of Wands appears, you are going to win. Take a moment to enjoy your victory! The card depicts a man riding into town, being given a hero’s welcome, celebrated by everyone around him for his success. Chances are those around you are going to recognize you for your ambition, and even though they may not have an idea as to how hard you worked, they will still validate you—and validation is one of the most incredible feelings.

Of course, this card also comes with a warning. When we are recognized and given accolades, we sometimes let that go to our head and become prideful. I actually don’t believe the old idea that pride is necessarily one of the most deadly evils, but the result of pride—treating other people as inferior—is. Watch your ego and arrogance around the energy of the Six of Wands, or you’ll quickly go from the hero to the villain. Remember that, on average, we all lose much more often than we win, so even though you’re victorious today, tomorrow may bring a different outcome.