I’m available to travel with the crystal bowls to lead a sound journey for your event. Please contact me for more information.

Book a private sacred sound journey with Rick. Sessions will run about an hour and are held in St Petersburg Florida, at Rick’s home, in a space dedicated to daily spiritual practice.

What Makes this Experience Different?

It’s my goal and intention in my sound sessions to go beyond the healing frequencies of a typical sound bath, to send you on a sacred out-of-body healing journey. While it’s impossible to set expectations for a sound ceremony, my alchemy “bowl family” has been specifically chosen to assist in this goal, with an emphasis on spirituality, emotional healing, ancestral aid, and clarity. Private sound sessions can be tailored to your needs, and will include only yourself and the people you choose to join you.

There is one couch that can be utilized for one person. Being close to the ground is preferred. Please take this into consideration if you or a member of your group has mobility issues.


What to Bring:

You’ll want to bring whatever you need to feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to go overboard here!

  • Bookings up to 4 people will include pads, blankets, and pillows.
  • Bookings of 5 or more people, please bring (for each person over 4) a yoga mat or other pad, as many pillows as you need (think head, lower back, and/or as a bolster under your knees, etc.), and a blanket.
  • Any crystals or other items you want with you on your journey.


What to Wear:

Temperature swings are one of the most common experiences during a journey. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing you can move in, as well as use with your blanket to regulate your temperature. Assume that you may feel cold or hot at different times throughout your journey, and on different parts of your body.


About Alchemy Bowls:

Crystal Tones bowls not only produce pure quartz crystal resonance, but are alchemized with additional crystal and earth minerals which add another layer of vibration unlike any crystal bowl you’ve experienced.

The tones produced during a sound journey have been shown to reduce stress, induce deeper meditation, and lower anxiety. In addition to the emotional and spiritual benefits, sound-based vibration treatment has been shown to help people with pain and has even been found to improve mobility, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood circulation, and lower blood pressure (source).

Some people prefer a more guided approach to their sound journey, while others like to be completely free. This journey can be more or less guided, as you prefer. If you don’t have a preference, I’ll attempt to combine both approaches with a short meditation to help you get started before you are free to take over your own journey,