Healing Sound Meditation

Spend an hour immersed in a sound meditation that has been specifically tuned to your personal needs. Crystal Tones alchemy bowls vibrate at frequencies that align your body, mind, and soul to promote your universal right to heal yourself.

Everything is vibration. Your session will remove emotional blocks. Bringing each cell into a harmonious vibration allows you to go beyond meditation, journeying to wherever you need to go to download the personal information you need from a supportive universe.

In person only, my space or yours. Private and group sessions available. Pricing begins at $20.00 per hour, depending on the number of people and travel requirements. Please contact me to book.

House Cleansing and Blessing

Have you been contending with an entity, spirit, or energy in your home? Resources on how to handle this situation are scarce. I fell into this work quite accidentally, and found that, especially when paired with my good friend Mel (who is one of the most gifted medium’s I’ve ever met), house cleansings can bring peace and calm.

Not everything can be handled by smudging. Sometimes, sentient entities need to tell their stories and be helped to the other side (if ready), or otherwise escorted out.

Contact me for a consultation. Pricing will depend on need, supplies, as well as required travel for two. References available upon request.