The fool’s journey

The first person The Fool meets on his journey is The Magician. The Fool is mesmerized by The Magician’s skill, self-confidence, and power. The Magician asks for The Fool’s sack, which he places on the table before raising his wand to the heavens and pointing his finger toward the earth.

As if by magic, the contents of the sack are revealed: An airy sword of intellect and communication; a fiery wand of spirituality and ambition; a cup overflowing with water, love, and emotions; an earthy pentacle of work and material possessions.

The Fool realizes he has a lot of choices to make, and the tools on the table allow him to choose any path he wishes. He can have whatever he wants or create anything he desires.

The question The Fool can’t answer is whether The Magician created these tools, or if he had them in his pack this entire time. Regardless, The Fool now understands the infinite possibilities that are now available to him, which brings an additional understanding of the lemniscate floating above The Magician’s head.

The Magician refuses to say anything else regarding where his power comes from or whether or not he created these tools for The Fool, or simply revealed what was already in his possession.


card meaning

The story of The Magician is one that will be familiar to those of you who know about the Law of Attraction. When he appears in a reading is isn’t to tell us how something should be done, but is to remind us that as we focus on what we desire, it has the potential to manifest, as if by magic. Eventually, the hows may be revealed to us, but not while The Magician is present.

The Magician is not a card of negative or positive energy. His magic has the potential for both, and this is represented in the Rider Waite deck with the red and white robes The Magician wears. He is aware of the duality of energy: it can create or destroy, it can be used for good or evil, it is a union of the positive and negative.

When the Magician appears, you are a great source of power. An observer will see you as a conduit for creating your dreams. Your will is the channel of this power, and you can bring about great transformation simply by willing them to be. Any decision made will lead to action, which will lead to results. It’s an infinite cycle and you have infinity at your disposal. In most modern depictions of The Magician, you’ll find a symbol of his infinite power like the snake eating its tail, or the lemniscate above his head.

To the outsider, The Magician may seem similar to a stage performer or illusionist, because the source of his power comes from an outside source. This can sometimes be confused for someone without any real power who relies on deception to bring about an end result, but the difference between a magician and The Magician is the confidence and knowledge that although outside forces are conspiring to assist you, just like the stage crew during a show assist an illusionist, these forces are completely within your direction and are exacting in their ability to bring about what you imagine. That is what a conduit does.

Of course, relying on unknown forces often triggers a bit of fear in us. We like to understand the inner workings of our lives. This fear can lead to hindered progress if we let it, because we end up limiting ourselves. If you let go of limiting beliefs, The Magician will reveal hidden talents, and just like he did for The Fool, he will provide all the tools we need to accomplish our goals.

There is a small warning that sometimes accompanies The Magician. Just like all magical practices have rules against an abuse of power, you may need to be reminded that while lifting yourself above others may be within the bounds of your power, and while it may even be a limiting belief to believe you shouldn’t, there are karmic laws at work on your behalf right now—and you don’t want to harm others along your way and risk tipping that balance against you. Remember to live by the Wiccan adage: “If it harm none, do what ye will.”