Interpreting card meanings is the most exciting aspect of reading tarot. However, it is also the most challenging, especially if you are new to the art. For example, basic tarot interpretation would have you understand that The Lovers card has to do with relationships but what if your question had to do with career or health? How are you left to interpret the meaning? The Big Book of Tarot Meanings solves these dilemmas by breaking down each card into the eight most-queried categories, starting with Beginnings and ending with Outcome, with a meaning for each category, upright and reversed. No longer will you have to vaguely extrapolate meaning and insight for diverse questions from the same generic description often given in other beginner tarot books. In addition to providing fine-tuned interpretations, The Big Book of Tarot Meanings solves a second common question that comes with a tarot reading, how do I apply this knowledge to my everyday life by giving you an action item for each meaning, upright and reversed. A 8.05" x 10" paperback book with 256 pages.

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