It's the 15th Anniversary of this wonderfully brilliant tome from Raven Digitalis. Originally published as Shadow Magick Compendium, this revised and expanded edition is filled to the brim with bits of lore, history, meditations, and exercises that the Witch can employ to embrace their own inner darkness. Practical and grounded in its approach, this book is still intimate enough to remind the Witch as well as the casual reader that darkness exists as a positive force we can actively embrace. Through facing the darker aspects of ourselves, of society, and of the world, can we truly embrace the totality of our power. Within these pages, the reader will be introduced to concepts such as the role of thoughts and emotions in the Witch's craft, incorporating invocation and God form assumptions into one's practice, retrieving parts of one's soul, and workings to find and commune with one's spirit animal. Also contained herein are folkloric and magickal associations of a wide spectrum of flora and fauna, making this a useful resource in writing spells or rituals that may align with the shadowy current of the world. A 6" x 9" paperback book with 346 pages.

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